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Boyd County 9-1-1 accepts applications for Public Safety Dispatcher year round which may be turned in at the City of Ashland Human Resources office at the city building 1700 Greenup Avenue.

All application packets must be complete including the fully completed application, copy of high school diploma/GED certificate, copy of driver’s license and any other supplemental information the applicant would like to include for documentation of education/training.

Dispatchers that hold a current Kentucky Certification with DOCJT will not have to complete the computerized testing phase.

The applications are held until there is a position open or up to one year.  When there is an opening, the applications are forwarded to the 911 Center Director for initial background check and pre-employment testing phases. Those who pass the initial phase will continue in the hiring process.

When a position is open, an official advertisement of the position will be disseminated by the City HR department on behalf of the 911 center. The advertisement will usually be in the local paper, Monster.com, Better Tri-State Jobs.com,  the agency Facebook page and Website among others. A cut off date will be set for receiving applications for the specified position and the official hiring process will commence.

An application can be downloaded by following the link below:

Employment Application

The hiring process consists of background and criminal history checks. A computerized dispatching related skills test. Those that pass the background and test phase will have an opportunity to observe in the radio room. The state mandated psychological suitability screener and polygraph will be scheduled with the state at this point. Depending on the state examiner schedule in may take a few weeks to complete tests for all remaining applicants.

Successful applicants will be called in for an interview. Acceptable applicants who are offered a conditional employment will then submit to a drug screen as well as a fingerprint examination through the FBI.


Applicant Qualifications

  1. Applicants shall meet the minimum standards for employment as required by the Telecommunicator Professional Standards Act (TPS) of KY KRS 15.530 – 15.590 and 503 KAR 1:140.
  2. Applicant shall be a citizen of the United States
  3. Applicant shall be a high school graduate or have earned a                 GED certificate
  4. Applicant shall not have been convicted of a felony or                     any other crimes involving moral turpitude.
  5. Applicant shall possess a valid driving license from his/her state of residence.
  6. Applicant shall have undergone a comprehensive background         investigation, the results of which attest to the fact that the               person meets the minimum standards for employment, has not       engaged in conduct or a pattern of conduct that would                          jeopardize public trust in the public safety dispatcher                          profession, and is of good moral character.

**The initial background check will look for immediate disqualifying events, a more thorough examination will occur after passing the         written test and initial interview.**

In addition, applicants for the Public Safety Dispatch position shall meet the following minimum standards for employment as required by Boyd County 911.

1.  Applicant shall be 21 years of age or older.

2.  Applicant shall have a minimum of two (2) years of responsible              work experience or military service.


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