911 Funding FAQ’s

How is Boyd County 911 funded?

Boyd County 911 is funded by a landline phone surcharge that is 17% of a customers base phone rate.

Does Boyd County 911 get money from cellular phones?

Yes. This rate is $0.70 per month and regulated by the state, local 911 receives approximately $.50 after state administration and collection fees.  There is a $.93 fee on pre-paid plans and that is to make up for the difference of cost of collection so the state receives as close to the $.70 that is charged on post-paid plans as possible. Local governments can’t put any fees on cellular devices at this time.

Do the local governments contribute funds?

No.   When the Center was established in 1981, the local governments made contributions that funded the Center.  Those contributions ceased when the phone surcharge was raised to 8% in 1994.

Who controls the 911 Center operations? 

The day to day operations are managed by the Director that is overseen by an administrative board comprised of members of the agencies served. Boyd County Sheriffs Dept, Boyd County Emergency Ambulance Service, Ashland Police Dept, Ashland Fire Dept., Catlettsburg Police Dept, Catlettsburg Fire Dept, Boyd County Coroners Office, One member of the local volunteer fire depts. Boyd County Emergency Management for a total of 10 members. 51% of the members must be law enforcement for NCIC terminal.

The Finance Board oversees the budget that must be approved by the Administrative Board and Finance Board for passage.  The Finance Board consists of one member from each body of government, The Boyd County Fiscal Court, City of Catlettsburg and the City of Ashland.

Why is funding changing?

The landline surcharge is the sole source of revenue for Boyd County 911 and with the decline in landline usage and customers migrating to cellular phones, funding must be changed to be able to continue operations. This is a problem across the state and throughout the U.S.

How will Boyd County 911 be funded in the future?

There is an ordinance that once passed will keep the landline surcharge of 17% plus a $15 per address fee for the first year.  In the fall of 2018, we are looking switching to a  per unit fee and repealing the landline surcharge.

What is a unit fee?

A unit fee is a fee based on an individual residence or individual business added to county property tax bill. (Ex. Apt bldg with 12 apts, would have the fee for each apt). This is a fee, NOT a tax!

Is it legal to charge a 911 unit fee?

Yes.  The Supreme Court of Kentucky in the case of the Greater Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Apartment Association Inc., et al vs. Campbell County Fiscal Court, et al has upheld the authority of a fiscal court pursuant to KRS 67.760(3) to levy a fee to support 911 services.

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